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If you're a Birmingham, Alabama homeowner looking to sell or a potential buyer considering a real estate purchase in our beautiful city, you've come to the right website. It was designed by Birmingham, AL real estate agents specifically to provide you with the information and assistance you need to accomplish your real estate goals here in Birmingham. Our Realtors are all local, so you won't find Inga Toi on this website selling condos at 18 Yorkville in Toronto, but it does contain everything you need to know about Birmingham in order to make a decision. Browse through and learn about the city's job opportunities, schools, entertainment venues, health care system, housing market, and more!

Birmingham, Alabama: The Pittsburgh of the South

Sprawling along the bottom of the Jones Valley in central Alabama you'll find the city of Birmingham. Founded in 1871 and named for Birmingham in England, Birmingham, AL quickly grew into the primary industrial city of the American South, earning it the nickname "The Pittsburgh of the South." Despite occasional tornados and hurricanes, every year thousands of people are attracted to the city for its warm weather, room for expansion, and views of the Appalachian foothills. Birmingham is the county seat of Jefferson County and its population of 230,000 makes it the largest city in Alabama.

Throughout much of its history Birmingham, Alabama's primary economic sector has been heavy industry, particularly steel and iron production. The heavy industry slowdown of the 80s and 90s forced the city to diversify, however. Now Birmingham is a major center for business and banking as well as manufacturing and has one of the highest income growth rates in the South. There are also fourteen hospitals in the city, a major university, and several smaller colleges, giving Birmingham a solid base in health care and education.

Birmingham, AL's role in the landscape of the South isn't solely economic. It is also one of its arts centers, featuring a large art museum, a ballet, symphony orchestra, film festival, botanical garden, and jazz hall of fame. The city's role at the heart of the civil rights movement in the 1960s has also endowed it with many frequently-visited museums and historical sites chronicling the struggle of African Americans. Popular activities in Birmingham are fishing, automobile racing, and football.

Neighborhoods and Home Styles in Birmingham, AL

The history of settlement in Birmingham, Alabama goes all the way back to 1871 when promoters began selling land along the railway. Fast forward more than 250 years and the housing and land markets in the city are still going strong. Over its long history Birmingham has developed a wealth of distinct neighborhoods featuring homes in a variety of styles from historic to modern. Its geographical position also gives homeowners the option of buying a house with a stunning view of the Appalachian foothills or the rushing rivers of the valley. Whether it's an apartment, condo, townhouse or detached home you seek, you can find one to your liking in Birmingham, AL.

Apartments and small homes are easily secured in the neighborhoods near to the factories if you want to be close to work while downtown is the destination for white-collar professionals looking for a new condo near the nightlife district. However, some of the best housing in the area is in the suburbs, located in the 'Over the Mountain' district, which is protected from the factories' emissions by the mountain itself. Here you will find communities like Mountain Brook, which was designed to look like an English village and is home to some of the most affluent people in the country.

The cost of living in Birmingham, Alabama is only 81.6, low compared to the US average of 100. The average single family home costs about $120,000 while town houses cost an average of $155,000. Condos range on average from $153,000 to $220,000 while average rents hover around $630 per month.

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